COVID Safety Update

We have reviewed the most recent Covid-19 statistics.  The positivity rate, as reported in the Dutchess County Covid Dashboard, has been more than 5% since Friday.  This is our indicator to return to online worship. We will meet in person this week 9/19/21, as  planned.  We will worship online only for the following weeks:9/26/21,10/3/2110/10/2110/17/21 We will send out aContinue reading “COVID Safety Update”


We are inviting a sampling of our congregation to complete the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT), an on-line instrument that will help us gauge the strength, vitality, and trends in our church.  The information gained from this assessment will be valuable in helping the session as they make decisions about the future of the First Presbyterian Church of Wappingers Falls. On September 7th, those selected to participate will receive anContinue reading “PLANNING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER!”

Updated Covid-19 Safety Plan

Your Session has been closely monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on our community.  At a called session meeting on August 4th, session voted to maintain our current Covid-19 Safety Plan, with a few minor adjustments, to continue providing the safest possible environment to our members and community.  The Delta variant of the virusContinue reading “Updated Covid-19 Safety Plan”

Food Pantry is Officially Closed

Our pantry served the community of Wappingers Falls to the glory of God for 30 years, regularly feeding 20 households 2x/month.  In recent years, those numbers were beginning to decline and we tried multiple strategies to increase awareness, outreach and make improvements to our operation. When we became a member of the Food Bank, weContinue reading “Food Pantry is Officially Closed”