Our Mission

We are an active community of Christ.
Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we joyfully worship God,
welcoming and serving God’s people.
We aspire to deepen our Christian faith and bring it to life,
responding with empathy and compassion
to needs within our community.

If you don’t like organized religion, are spiritual but not religious, or don’t know God at all, we love you. Even if you get lost and wind up here by accident, we hope you feel at home here.

Our Vision

To worship God and be representatives of Christ, welcoming people and caring for their basic needs. We envision new ways to aid our spiritual growth (Romans 12:2); to carry out Jesus’ teaching on hospitality (Matthew 25:31-40); to be more connected socially (Acts 2:46-47); to provide opportunities for service to others (John 13:14-15); and to engage our congregation in responsible stewardship (Mark 12:41-43).